A Research of the Lineage of the Murong Family of Qian Yan
作者:Chen Yong 日期:2011-01-31 浏览次数:2326
【auther】 Chen Yong;
【keywords】 Qian Yan; Murongs’ family; lineage; political history;
【abstract】 The family of Qian Yan Murongs had great numbers according to the historical books.Nearly forty persons were kin to the Emperors of Qian Yan.They were called as grandfather,father,uncle,brother,son,second son,third son,forth son,fifth son and the youngest son that contains almost all the agnate kinship relationship.The political change from late third century to early forth century connected closely with the power distribution and transit among the Murong family.On the basis of the analysis on the biographi...

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