Language Planning Development and Micro Language Planning
作者:ZHOU Qing-sheng 日期:2011-01-31 浏览次数:2463
【Author】 ZHOU Qing-sheng(Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Beijing 100081; China);
【keywords】 Language planning; A brief history of language planning; Micro language planning; Agency; Post-modernism;
abstract】 With the independent of emerging countries,language planning as an unattached subject started from 1950s and 1960s.The target of language planning early with national total target,adhered to the ideals of "one nation,one state,one language,and one culture".Since the 1990s,language planning pursuing post-modernism has taken language as a resource,and has focused on language endangerment,language loss,and language human rights,and has emphasized the ecological environment.Micro language planning refers to tha...

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