Prefixes of Mon-Khmer Languages
作者:CHEN Guo-qing 日期:2011-01-20 浏览次数:1387
【Title】 Prefixes of Mon-Khmer Languages
【Author】 CHEN Guo-qing (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Beijing 100081; China);
【keywords】 Mon-Khmer Languages; Prefix; Major Syllable; Minor Syllable;
【Abstract】 Some of the words of Mon-Khmer languages have a certain kind of prefixes which are the main grammar forms and methods of these languages wordformation or formative. This thesis finds the phonetic types of the prefixes of Mon-Khmer languages by investigating the phonetics of the prefixes of Khemu, De’ang, Mang, Bulang, Wa and Cambodian. It also finds semantic and grammatical categories of the distinguishing parts of speeches,and the distinguishing resultative and active categories of verbs,and the marking ca...

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